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“I am needing help with my Joey!”

Once you're in The Joey Mob- you're in for good! ;) We are ALWAYS here for full support at ANY point along your Joey wearing years and want nothing more than for you to experience the same JOEY JOY that we have.

First, we recommend taking a peek at the "Trouble Shooting" Highlights Bubble at the top of our IG Page @hippiejoeyco. If that doesn’t solve it, snap a few photos of the fit with baby, along with a fresh photo of you taking your measurement in the mirror, and pass along to theguroos@hippiejoey.com for more detailed support.


“Where are Joeys manufactured?”

Joeys are made with LOVE and JOY, handcrafted by our skilled makers, right here in Madison, Alabama, USA! Consistency, & attention to quality & detail are key to the success and safety of the product and we love what we do. We are a mom-owned, family business and are proud to have created a family friendly space where not only our children, but our employee’s children can be a part of something amazing. We have a dedicated ‘kids room’ to allow staff to bring their kiddos along when they need or desire. (Although they prefer to raid the break room for snacks and roam the shop floor on rolley chairs 😉) haha!


“What is the exchange/ return policy?”

Due to the custom nature of Joeys, we try to avoid returns- however, if your Joey is not bringing you the JOY we intended-

Be sure to keep it CLEAN, UNWASHED, and stored in original packaging. You can find our full return policy here. Orders outside of the US must include a photo to be eligible for exchange/ return.

*(International customers see international policy)


“Do you ship Joeys Internationally?”

Yes, Joey is a WORLD TRAVELLER! We have sent Joeys to more than 60 countries! So exciting!! Please keep in mind that customs fees/ taxes/import may apply for your country. For UPS shipments, those fees will be added and collected at checkout. (DDP- Delivery Duties Paid) For POSTAL shipments, the import fees will be due upon delivery. These fees are levied by the destination country for the cost of importing the goods, and not by The Hippie Joey Co. The amount due will depend on the value of goods and the country of import, but tend to run around $20 - $29 USD per Joey ordered.

NOTE* Due to the custom nature of our product, International customers must send a photo of you taking your Joey measurement or a sizing reference photo at time of order to be eligible for a replacement or refund.


“Is Joey certified ‘hip-healthy’?”

Joey is the hippest of the hip. 😊 Joey is certified by the IHDI as a hip healthy product when used as directed. Keep in mind that just because a product is acknowledged as such- education is key to ensuring babies hips are positioned properly. Please read all safety info prior to use, and we also recommend visiting IHDI’s official site for additional education so you can be the true expert for your little one.


“When will I receive my Joey?”

Joey is custom made to your sizing, color, & Joey element choice right here in AL, USA by our skilled team. Lead times can and do fluctuate based on demand- for the most up to date lead time please see the banner at the top of our home page. Your Joey ETA is the lead time + transit time - transit time is estimated at checkout. If you have a time constraint, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to see what we can do!


“I am not sure which Joey to purchase, can you help?”

Absolutely! You can see a quick rundown of our 4 Joey Elements below, ALL of which can be used for newborn through toddlerhood & beyond- but feel free to reach out to us at the email above for personal guidance!


Joey AIR - The Original, & the LIGHTEST of our Joeys. The Joey that started it all! Gentle & relaxed carry. Soft touch fabric. Rolls very compact for small purses/ diaper bags- comparable in size to Joey WATER.

Joey EARTH - A bit thicker, squishier and more supportive than Joey AIR but still light enough for year round use in moderate climates. Most recommended for more extended carrying or Toddler use. Definitely a fan favorite.

Joey FIRE - Fleecy & COZY for snuggly winter days. The warmest and thickest of the Joeys. Sized for use with thicker winter garments. One side classic soft JOey fabric, one side snuggly fleece. Perfect for winter walks/ outings and chilly drafty houses.

Joey WATER - For SUN, SWIM, & SPLASH. UPF 50 Chito-Sante Recycled Poly SWIM fabric blocks up to 98% of UVA/ UVB rays. Moisture wicking, ‘cool-touch’, breathable fabric makes it a great option for wet or dry use. Firmest fit of all the Joeys. Sporty feel. Sized for bare skin for optimum support and water safety. Rolls very compact for travel. Has had excellent feedback for hot weather babywearing!


“I want to share my Joey with my partner, can we do that?”

Sizing is a HUGE part of the MAGIC of Joey. This is how we eliminate the need for adjustments with buckles, rings, straps, excess fabric, etc. While some partners have been known to share, this is definitely the exception and not the rule. We recommend all adult users have their very own. We often giggle that this would be much like trying to share a pair of yoga pants with your partner. 😉However, if you think your measurements are very close- you are always welcome to reach out with your measurement photos and we will assess your unique situation.


“How can I be sure I'm measuring correctly?”

Snap a photo of you measuring, and include it in the nifty “photo upload” at checkout and we will double check for you, OR, you can reply to your confirmation email with it. Make sure your full torso is in view, as well as the number on the measuring tape. Don’t have a measuring tape..? Watch the video for alternate methods- and just include a recent photo or two for sizing reference.


“I am pregnant, when should I measure for my Joey?”

You can take your measurement and place your order at ANY point, we just recommend including any helpful details that may help us size you at checkout. If this is your first pregnancy- we recommend measuring and ordering around 7 months pregnant. This is generally the phase of pregnancy that will be the closest to your postpartum size and still allows you to have it in time for pregnancy belly band use and for skin-to-skin tank after birth.


“My shipment says it's delivered, but I don't have it.”

Unfortunately, this does happen from time to time, and often times the package will follow shortly. The first step is to check the shipping address on the order to make sure it is correct. Then reach out to us at the email above, and we will try to help track down your run-away Joey. ;)


 “What is the weight limit for Joey?”

Joey is there to support your natural carrying & comforting positions for as long as both you and your little one are feeling comfy and secure! Woo hoo! (generally around 35-40 pounds) Joey is considered by CPSC to be an assistant garment, and is not a traditional "baby carrier" or "baby sling". Be sure to read our safety info, located here as well as on the wrapper prior to use. Joey is a pretty tough little dude, but If you ever feel the integrity of your Joey has been compromised, discontinue use immediately.


“Is Joey 'hands-free', or must you keep a hand on the baby at all times?” Joey is considered an assistant to your natural carrying and it is recommended to always stay in full control, with at least one hand (or the inside of your arm) on or near your little one, and with baby positioned in front or side of you at all times. There are however, many times that Joey users feel incredibly secure and confident in their positioning and are able to safely remove their hands temporarily -- this is where the judgment of the adult wearer comes into play as they assess their unique situation maintaining awareness & control.


“How do I use Joey?“

The best place to start is the “Getting Started With Joey” video. You can find it and our other groovy how-to videos on our website here.

There are also additional examples on our IG page @hippiejoeyco. Follow along for tips and fun uses, and once you're feeling like a pro, please share your Joey JOY and how you make Joey a part of your daily life! We love seeing creative uses!

 tag @hippiejoeyco on IG, Facebook, or TikTok

If you don’t see the answers you’re looking for, reach out to theguroos@hippiejoey.com for additional info!


“How do I wash my Joey?”

Easy peasy- Joeys are machine washable! (YAY!)

Gentle cycle, like colors.

Lay flat, hang dry, or tumble dry low.


“I have seen your photos and videos advertised elsewhere. Are there other vendors for Joey?”

No. Joey is an original concept, designed with an immense amount of love and care by our Founder, Lawren, - exclusively for The Hippie Joey Co. and is only available through our official site (hippiejoey.com)

Viral videos gained the attention of overseas mass producers and companies looking for an impressive new product. They began using our imagery, verbiage from our site, and videos featuring our beloved Joey without consent, deceiving many innocent consumers. If you purchase from ANY OTHER SELLER, you will NOT RECEIVE A JOEY.

The product that is typically sent- is an improperly fitted, cheaply made option that does not provide safe or proper support for baby or the wearer and generally is not accompanied by proper safety info- most commonly referred to as 'Mama's Bonding Comforter' but new names are popping up by the day. These companies will generally pose as 'family owned, earth friendly, supporting moms, inventors of the design, & more. They will also typically delete any negative comments or reviews and will advertise in unsafe ways- such as "hands- free!” with babies in unsafe positions, etc. We are doing what we can on our side, but the best way to fight is spreading the truth. We appreciate all of our Joey ‘MOB’ that have helped to spread the word!

If you have been subject to these unethical scams, we are so sorry- you may email your receipt to happyhelper@hippiejoey.com for a small store credit to put towards the purchase of a real TRUE Joey.


“I’d LOVE to give Joey as a GIFT. How can I do that?”

The BEST way to gift Joey is by Gift Card. The gift card will come to your email address input at checkout- where you can choose to forward it when you’re ready- &/ OR PRINT to include in a physical greeting card to mail or hand deliver/ bring to the party. Moms often appreciate & enjoy having the ability to choose their own element, color combo and participate in the process so they fully understand it once it arrives. It can be really fun!

Another option is to include them in the gift and help them take their measurement, or pass the quick video instructions along. It is MUCH better to let them in on the gift, than to send an unusable Joey. They are sure to appreciate your efforts! 😉 If you are ordering it to hand deliver to an event- let us know in the comments at checkout and we will wrap it to keep the box clean for gifting & we always love personalizing- so if you have the recipient’s name and/or a special message you’d like us to write inside the box, just include it in the notes at checkout.