• Meet Joey.

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"Bye, bye" complicated wrapping.

Minimalism at its finest.

...scarf. stretch. snuggle. store.


air, earth, fire, water

'It's cooler in the water, baby.'

Joey TM baby carrying scarf logo

Let Joey hug them for you.

NEEDING THE PERFECT GIFT!? Give the Gift of JOeY! Baby showers/ registry/ or just because you love them!


What can YOUR scarf do?

"Joey is a revolutionary approach to babywearing for the conscious modern parent. Bringing simplicity, speed, style, comfort, & versatility- all while doing a whole lot of good along the way."

Meet Joey

"I love “showing off” my Joey when I am out and about, the effortless access to this carrier amazes any one looking on."

"Tried them ALL and fell in LOVE with Joey's SIMPLICITY. "

"This is a GAME CHANGER! This carrier made such a difference to my 2 month old... I would put her in and almost INSTANTLY her fussing would stop and there was PEACE! Thank you Joey, you are amazing!!!"

"...Our Joey is changing our home life...makes me feel like super mom even on the really hard days."

"This is the fastest & best wrap I have EVER used. The fabric is light and stretchy, but still keeps my babe tight & centered on my chest. It's comfortable & cute- I'M OBSESSED!"

Dedicated to hugging the Earth & the people on it.