The Hippie Stuff

"We wanted a product that would not only make life SIMPLER for mamas (& papa's :), but that could make a positive impact on the world- making EARTH minded/ ETHICAL choices at every turn, supporting MOM, BABY, & FOSTER focused CHARITIES, & spreading the LOVE to other moms through empowerment, education, encouragement, and positive hippie vibes."

 Joey- Dedicated to HUGGING the EARTH & THE PEOPLE ON IT

Our society is slowly, but surely- waking up to the importance of treading lightly on this beautiful earth. With the creation of Joey- we knew we wanted to stay true to our values. We searched high and low- for the perfect everything. From our renewable- closed loop nature based fabric, to our super soft organic cotton tags. From our compostable boxes with natural inks- to our recycled papers and wrappers. Every bit of Joey was created with intention and LOVE- And we hope that shines through. Can something this tiny change the world...? We think so. 



Power to the MAMAS!- The Hippie Joey Co.

Each Joey is wrapped with a 'Mama Power Hippie Stone'  with the intention of reminding you in one extra way- that YOU are loved and YOUR JOB is more important than anything else in this world- Raising our future. We also like to view it as the mom 'friendship bracelet' of the world. Be sure to show some love, give a fist bump, a smile and a nod, or an encouraging smack on the arse if you spot each other in the wild.

In cultures around the world- each variety of stone is believed to carry certain benefits/ intentions/ vibrations/ energy/ or 'powers'. Wear them individually, or gather them as you collect more- to build a bracelet, necklace, or keychain keepsake of your snuggly days with your little one(s).

...and if you don't believe in any of it.. its still pretty- and a bit of fun...don'tcha think...? ;)

Learn about your Hippie Stone


Joey Fosters Love Program

The amount of babies, children, & teens around the world currently in need of a safe home, and someone to love them is both horrifying & mind boggling. Good, loving, willing foster parents are in high demand- and here at The HJC their willingness to serve and love freely does not go unacknowledged. Fostering comes with unique challenges, and with sometimes constant cycling of little ones to provide for, the expenses & 'to-do lists' add up quickly. We also recognize that any and ALL infants MUST HAVE close to constant physical contact for proper physical & emotional development- but infants separated from their mothers need even more comforting. Our goal is to provide Joeys to as many parents fostering infants either free of charge or at a price that is reasonable for their situation. Joeys unique fabric and design allows for nearly instant access to a soothing womb-like pouch- giving baby the bonding it so desperately needs and gives parents an extra hand. We also encourage foster parents to use the Joey for the well known- seemingly magical, 'skin to skin' therapy. The versatility of Joey allows parents to meet the needs of a variety of ages (newborn, baby, toddlers) with one simple piece. Our first encounter, witnessing the transformation of a restless newborn foster baby- into instant peace, calm, security, and rest seconds after settling into a Joey was enough to make anyone cry tears of Joey Joy. 

Providing womb like bonding for Foster babies and their caregivers- the Hippie Joey Co

"It was love at first sight. This carrier was everything I wanted just didn’t know it yet, and a true answer to unasked prayers. The Joey gave me peace of mind numerous times with several foster babies and has allowed me to hold them close, to comfort their souls and establish a much needed bond and attachment that is so important for all kids to have but especially foster babies. This attachment is the foundation for their whole lives and is what their futures depend on for building relationships and bonding for years to come. Joey is my favorite thing, to slip my little love into and watch her melt into me as she drifts into complete contentment and peace. So grateful for Joey, and I love how convenient it is to wear as a scarf for easy access or stash away in a small bundle in my purse. I truly appreciate the love and care put into it's creation, the fabric is unbelievable, it’s like second skin and so effortless. I’m am absolute in love!!!"

-B. Alexander, Foster Mama

*****If you are a foster parent (or soon to be) and would like more information on our assistance program, please contact

 Be sure to have sound ON for this sweetness!