LOVE Joey Fabrics

LOVE Joey Fabrics

Fabric was priority UNO for the beginnings of Joey. We searched, sampled, stretched, & stitched hundreds of fabrics before settling on the perfect one. We needed a fabric that was worthy of embracing the freshest, most delicate newborn skin, yet durable, with the strength to support and cradle a wriggly toddler. We also needed a fabric with superb memory- one that would want to bounce back to it's original state after repeated stretching and that could be washed without too much complication by parents who already have enough to do. Our long arduous search landed us on our ideal blend. 

  • Our superstar- TENCEL™, touts accolades galore. Being made of cellulosic  fibers of botanic origin - it's "closed loop" process is revolutionary and gifts us with a fabric that is easy on both our skin, and our Earth. Unique physical properties lead to its high tenacity profile, efficient moisture management, and gentleness to skin. ALL THAT leaves us jumping for JOeY JOY!
  • GOTS Certified- Pure Organic Cotton- the cotton we all know and love- brings a bit more strength, and wash-ability to the show. 
  • Finally, just a teeny amount of Lycra gives Joey the squish and stretch to mimic the womb.

Joey can't wait to hug you.

We're gonna bet... you can't wait to hug him.

Joey- Tencel Fabric