The Hippie Joey Co.

The Hippie Joey Co. Gift Card

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Let Joey hug them FOR you!

Give the HIPPEST gift ever- the gift of PEACE, LOVE, FREEDOM, & JOeY! 

INSTANT Gift cards are the preferred method when "Gifting" a Joey! This allows the Mama (or Papa) to properly measure themselves and choose their PERFECT MATE! The Hippie Joey Co. gift cards are valid for any and all merchandise available at the HJC store at the time of redemption. HJC gift cards do not expire. A portion of all purchases made from the Hippie Joey Co. go to support Mom, Baby, & Foster focused charities and efforts. In addition, card holders will be given the option of donating any remaining, unused balance to these charities & efforts. Gift card increments have been carefully chosen to ensure any mama receiving a gift is not left  having to pay for any part of their gift- shipping/fees etc. We do our absolute best at providing the highest quality product/experience possible- while upholding our standards of nature & people focused, ethical choices. 






How will YOU Joey?- The Hippie Joey Co