Meet Joey

Founder & CEO of The Hippie Joey Co.- Inventor Mom, Lawren Bennett holding The Joey Instant Baby-wearing scarf.



Joey: A minimalist, multi-functional, parent assistant. One SIMPLE, sleek, luscious, COMPACT piece- SIZED TO FIT- eliminating the need for adjustments with straps, buckles, ties, velcro, rings, or snaps, or extra fabric. Unique natural fabrics paired with a bit of LOVE & SCIENCE create the perfect balance of support & stretch, providing an ideal womb-like environment for baby. 

Joey can be used for pregnancy, newborn, toddlers, & beyond (Yes! That means bigger kiddos too!) It is considered an assistant to your natural carrying and may be used for as long as you and your kiddo are feeling comfy & secure. 

Joey uses include:

  • Infinity Scarf
  • Pregnancy Support Belly Band
  • Postpartum Support Band
  • Skin To Skin Tank Top 
  • Newborn Womb Pouch
  • Front Carry Legs Out
  • Hippie (Side Hip) Carry
  • Cradle Position
  • Nursing Position
  • Tube Top 
  • Skirt
  • & more!


Scarf. Stretch. Snuggle. Store.



is a MADISON, AL, US based company
dreamed up by Lawren, a fellow mom of 4 .
Joey was born out of a love for baby-wearing,
but a desire for something
softer, simpler, FASTER, & more versatile.
We combined LUXURIOUS, supple, nature based fabrics
with our UNIQUE design concept, & A PERFECT FIT - to create the ultimate,
Joey's job is to support your
& create an instant WOMB-LIKE environment
to soothe and comfort baby.
It's high- quality , multi-functional, infinity style design,
lends itself to creative uses- limiting waste,
& extending the uses you'll get out of it.
We wanted a product that would not only
make life simpler for mamas (& PAPAS ;),
but that could make a
positive impact on the WORLD
by making EARTH -minded- ETHICAL choices,
supporting MOM & FOSTER focused CHARITIES,
& spreading the LOVE to fellow parents
through empowerment, encouragement , education,
& positive hippie vibes.