Finding Your Perfect Mate

Joey is a garment, sized specifically to YOUR body and then custom made to your choice of Element & Color Combo!  Proper measurements are key to getting you the Joey of your dreams on the first try. Taking a few extra minutes to ensure an accurate reading may help get you snuggling faster, and also is kinder on our Earth when we can limit carbon footprint from exchanges, additional deliveries, and/or possible product waste.

If you have larger breasts, it is advised that you wear a soft, supportive bra (such as a sports bra) while taking your measurements. 

Males still take the same measurement. However, male sizing is a bit different, so be sure to select MENS garment size in the dropdown and then make a note to indicate you're a Dad! (or uncle, or grandpa, etc! ;) 


1. Watch the groovy video below.

2. Take your Joey Measurement. (*you can snap a mirror photo of you taking it to be extra certain! ;)

3. Enter your 'Joey Measurement' at Checkout.

4. Try to control your excitement until your perfect Joey mate arrives!


*OPTIONAL- but recommended: Snapping a photo of you taking your measurement with the entire upper body being visible can help ensure accuracy. We love messy hair, lived in houses, and all the other beautiful bits that come with real parenthood, so no appologies! Your photo will never be shared and is for sizing reference only. 

International orders must send an accompanying sizing photo to be eligible for exchange/ returns.





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