You're A COOL MOM- 5 Baby-Wearing Tips For Summertime

So, you’ve got a sweet snuggly little one just begging to be held close, but with soaring temps and likely some slightly intensified sensations of boiling (thanks to those lovely lingering postpartum/nursing hormones), you find yourself in quite a pickle.

My sentiments on the matter are based on my own experiences, having two of my babies born in the Arizona desert, two born in the sticky south (Alabama), and three of the four born in summer. Planning for heat with little ones just became a way of life.

In all honesty, holding another human against your body in the dead of summer at all can be HOT- no matter how you do it. But with a few things in mind, you can continue reaping the benefits of baby-wearing while staying cool-

Cause you’re not like a regular mom, you’re a ‘COOL’ MOM. *WINK*

 I'm Not Like a Regular Mom- I'm a COOL MOM- Amy PoehlerImage: 'Mean Girls'



Babywearing doesn’t have to be something you do for hours at a time. It can also be for frequent short bouts, when baby is craving extra attention, or while you’re trying to get something accomplished. Don’t feel guilty about allowing both yourself and baby some breathing time while they ride in a stroller, floor play, etc. This time is also beneficial for your little one- giving them time to study & explore.



Choose wisely for yourself AND BABY. When temps are high- Naked is best. For baby I mean… okay maybe you too. But if you MUST wear clothing 😉…form fitted tanks are likely going to provide you the most comfort and breeze. If you’re needing to choose another style- stick to light, airy, breathable fabrics.

Same goes for baby. Comfort over fashion- choose fitted onesies or tees made from natural, breathable fibers.



For the most comfortable experience, avoid carriers/wraps/slings with multiple layers as well as any with excessive and/or non-breathable fabrics. If possible, choose one that you feel you can easily get into and out of quickly. Joey was specifically designed to combat many of these issues- touting breathable, natural fabric that feels heavenly against nekkie summer baby skin and a simple, no wrap, minimal design that is lightning fast to pop baby in and out for proper breaks. Learn more



SPRAY WATER! Babies aren’t ‘so hot’ at the sweating function just yet- which is crucial to cooling the body and regulating internal temp. You can aide them (and yourself) by packing along a mister/ spray bottle to apply when necessary or a cool rag to place behind their neck. If you don’t have one, just gently brushing cool water onto their heads and feet with your hands can feel amazing & make a world of difference!

DRINK WATER! And then, go drink a bit more. It is vital to stay hydrated. However, don’t forget about those little guys ELECTROLYTES. These can help keep your energy up when you’re feeling drained and tired. Click HERE for my go-to, simple, electrolyte drink I use first thing in the morning & when I’m needing some pep. Also, keep an eye on baby’s hydration and ensure they are not so overheated that they are sleeping through/ missing feedings.



The human body never ceases to amaze- as we continue to unravel all the built-in adaptability features it utilizes. Would you believe, our mama bodies have their own unique way of looking after our little ones?

Research has found that a mother’s breasts will warm up when an infant is cool, as well as cool down when the infant is hot and may even act independently of each-other based on needs[1]. Pretty stinkin’ cool, right? So, trust your body to do its job- while you’re doing yours. You’ll know when it’s time to snuggle, and when it’s time for a break. 


 Summer Baby-Wearing- The Hippie Joey Co. The Joey


[1] Ludington-Hoe, Susan M et al. “Breast and infant temperatures with twins during shared Kangaroo Care.” Journal of obstetric, gynecologic, and neonatal nursing : JOGNN vol. 35,2 (2006): 223-31. doi:10.1111/j.1552-6909.2006.00024.x

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