She is You, You are Her

Starting The Hippie Joey Co. and creating Joey has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life. Cliché, I know- but it's much like... being a parent I suppose. The loss of sleep, tears, deliberation over seemingly miniscule decisions, feelings of inadequacy are all more than worth it when you breathe life and love into something beautiful that never existed before- and release it out into the world in hopes it will make it a better place. It's scary though, releasing that little piece of your soul. You are forced to face fears you didn't even know were lurking. And for me, the process has abruptly ejected me from many of my comfort zones. Some surprisingly pleasant, some not. But one of the best parts has been the Joey Moms I have had the honor to meet and get to know along the way. Many of whom I can now call 'friend'. 

One thing this experience has solidified for me, is that at our deepest core, way down below the surface, our "roots" all intertwine, connect, and unite us with shared intention, purpose, and heart. All moms can connect. This doesn't mean you will agree with their surface level decisions and wanna hang out for “girl time” after that really awkward playdate finally ends. It means that waaayyyy down deep- she is you- and you are her. The same fears you have harbored, she does too- And what you want for your children, she does too- And just as you are doing the best with the information you have available to you, so is she.

It’s time we see this. Time to recognize this in each other. Time we honor this unspoken connection in each other. We have entered an era of "waking up". Waking up to a whole lot of processes that no longer serve us. Not just accepting the differences in each other, but embracing them and finding the beauty and purpose of them. Reach out a hand, a limb, a root... not in judgement- but in compassion, support & understanding of this Motherhood Journey. This life defining journey that never ends once it begins. And if you’re feeling lost and alone... connect to your "roots"- they are vast and deep, they span through generations of motherhood- they will be there to nourish you. You are not alone. I am not alone. WE are never alone, even when we want to be. (Especially when we're trying to go to the bathroom... but that's a whole other subject ;) 

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